Online investigation: how to make the Internet work

Peter de Beijer (invited speaker)
Head of Internet Research Network, Dutch National Police


If a government agency wants to investigate the internet for its legal task it has to become a part of the way the internet thinks, grows, works, sleeps and breathes. If you do not, you will never understand the internet and how to keep up with its growth and direction.

This keynote will go deeper into the background and history of the iRN (Internet Research Network) within the Dutch government. The iRN is an ISP-like government network infrastructure for internet research and investigation, built on open source technology and open standards only. The iRN is based on open technology to be 'legal by design' (privacy, security and forensics). It is independently controllable and verifiable from a legal and democratic point of view.

From that historic background I will discuss the development of the iColumbo technology for internet research. iColumbo is a big data, open technology infrastructure, software framework and intelligent service within the iRN for intelligent internet monitoring and analysis. iColumbo is based on the same 'legal by design' principles as iRN.

The focus will be on how open, big-data internet technologies are our foundation for investigating the internet. I will also discuss the importance of high-quality text analysis in a scalable and secure cloud infrastructure such as where iColumbo is based on.

Short biography of Peter de Beijer

Peter de Beijer is head of Internet Research Network iRN for the Dutch National Police.

De Beijer has a combined police and IT background and has worked in the field of Digital Forensic Investigation since 1990. In that time he has been closely involved in the development of many aspects of Digital Forensic Technology for the Dutch Police and other law enforcement agencies in the Netherlands. Since 2003 he is responsible as chief-architect and founder of the iRN. De Beijer is also responsible for the development of iColumbo.

De Beijer's expertise and interests lie at the intersection of the social aspects of the internet, its massive impact on society and organizations in general and the technology behind successful internet developments and services.