Peter de Beijer, Head of Internet Research Network iRN (Dutch National Police)
Online investigation: how to make the Internet work
Henk Knoester, Dutch Tax and Customs Administration
Many text mining tools, but are they really helping the investigator?

Accepted papers

Tommaso Fornaciari, Fabio Celli and Massimo Poesio
The Effect of Personality Type on Deceptive Communication Style [PDF]
Jasper Kuperus, Maurice van Keulen and Cor Veenman
Increasing NER recall with minimal precision loss [PDF]
Kyle Goslin and Markus Hofmann
Cross Domain Assessment of Document to HTML Conversion Tools to Quantify Text and Structural Loss During Document Analysis [PDF]
Zhaochun Ren, David van Dijk, David Graus, Nina van der Knaap, Hans Henseler and Maarten de Rijke
Semantic Linking and Contextualization for Social Forensic Text Analysis [PDF]
Hans Henseler, Jop Hofste and Maurice van Keulen
Digital-forensics based pattern recognition for discovering identities in electronic evidence [PDF]